The Process

Your Parker Pools Experience Begins!

The pool is delivered from the manufacturer directly to our warehouse where it is prepared for installation. Our unique approach allows for better quality control and avoids weather delays. We are unaware of any other pool builder who goes to such extremes to deliver the highest quality fiberglass pool.

In the controlled environment the tile can be applied and the plumbing is attached to the pool with fiberglass. The attention to detail of supporting the plumbing helps insure against settling that could cause problems. 

The location and elevation of the pool are determined and the site is excavated. 

Hydrostatic pressure can cause problems in construction. We install a drain or sump line from under the pool like a foundation drain around a house to alleviate hydrostatic pressure. Another example of attention to detail that helps protect your investment into your dream. 

The pool is lifted from our trailer and set into place. Once the pool is full the plumbing is water tested and the back fill process is completed. 

The deck around the pool is constructed. 

Let the FUN begin!